Reasons why you should have plants in your room

-          More clean air

-          People think you are cool

-          They look pretty

-          You can sing to them and they won’t tell you to shut up

-          You feel proud when they grow

-          You can give them cute names

-          pLAnTs


blue ♒ serene

2/10 of my top ten krisyeol moments

the day chanyeol wanted to kiss kris
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아이유 – 4AM

IU fan challenge: (3/10) favorite songs: 4am

You don’t know if you’re awake or if you haven’t fallen asleep yet. If it’s tomorrow or today or yesterday. It’s that time when you don’t know. 4AM never end.
I’m just staring at the clock hand. No one to call and the sound of the rain drops grow smaller. I just sing for me the lullaby. When I open my eyes, everything will be forgotten without a trace.

A letter to B.A.P … ◉‿◉ 

kai at fashion kode 2014


BISCUIT リブ編み靴下


MANGO Summer 2014 Lookbook


Love Aesthetics spot on nails